Consumer Protection Laws in Pakistan

Consumer Protection Laws in Pakistan, Details and Procedures
Consumer protection law was approved in 1995 for Islamabad, in 1997 for NWFP, in 2003 for Baluchistan, in 2005 for Punjab and in 2006 for Sindh. Consumer courts for Punjab are approved in 2006 and came into being in 2007. These courts are in 11 districts of Punjab province. Persons belonging to other districts may appeal into a nearby district court. If you have any complaint about a product, services or a company you may contact these courts. Just write an application, attach copy of your CNIC and receipt and submit it to your District Consumer Court.

If the Consumer Court is satisfied that the product or service complained against suffers from any of the defects specified in the claim, it may direct manufacturer or service provider to:

  • to remove defect,
  • to replace the products with new products,
  • to return to the claimant the price,
  • to pay reasonable compensation,
  • to award actual costs of the legal proceedings,
  • to recall the product from market,
  • to cease to provide the defective or faulty service.


  1. Consumer protection laws are made to regulate a private law-relationship between individual, consumers and the businesses that sell those goods and provide services. These laws cover a wide range of topics, including product liability, privacy rights, unfair business practices, misrepresentation and other consumer or business interactions. Thanks a lot...


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