Meera Marriage Scandal Details>Dispute Resolved

Updates on Meera Wedding with Atiq ul Rehman
Wedding Scandal of Meera and Atiq ur Rehamn has been resolved. Both  came to an agreement and give back their petitions from court and Police Stations.

It is the hot news in the showbiz of Pakistan, Lollywood, that famous film actress Meera got married with a business man Atiq ur Rehman of Dubai. And both of them accused each other and blamed that the other one is fraud and cheater. What are the realities? These videos about this scandal will say it all.

Interview of Meera, Her Brother, Mother and Lawer Outside Court

Meera said that that Faisal Saif, an Indian producer and director of film "Murder at Farm House", is the master mind of this black mailing. See this video:

Meera's Husband Atiq ur Reham revealed the truth and shows photos in this interiew.

Nikah Khawan of Meera was Maulana Ahmed Ali Sajid, speaks out in this interiew: