Free Calls to PTCL And Other Telecom Companies

List of Toll Free Numbers of PTCL and other telecom companies in Pakistan:
0800-44544 Chairman PTCL (Hotline)
0800-10101 Manager Marketing, PTCL
0800-20202 PTCL, Customer Services Centre
0800-20203 PTCL, Customer Services Centre
0800-19191 Manager Marketing, PTCL
0800-11100 NMS (PTCL)
0800-02000 GM (Computer), PTCL
0800-01999 GM (Computer), PTCL
0800-80800 PTCL Card
0800-10001 DG (Ops), Central, PTCL, LHR
0800-80800 PTCL
0800-18111 PTCL Directory Complaints
0800-18181 PTCL Directory Complaints
0800-01717 PTCL Directory Complaints
0800-01717 PTCL Directory Complaints
0800-01717 PTCL Directory Complaints
0800-01717 PTCL Directory Complaints
0800-01717 PTCL Directory Complaints
0800-01717 PTCL Directory Complaints
0800-00800 PTCL Directory Complaints
0800-01717 PTCL Directory Complaints
0800-77000 PTCL ITMC Karachi
0800-55566 Dancom Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
0800-55577 Dancom
0800-55588 Dancom
0800-55544 Dancom
0800-55599 Dancom
0800-19180 DANCOM
0800-19181 DANCOM
0800-19182 DANCOM
0800-19183 DANCOM
0800-19184 DANCOM
0800-19185 DANCOM
0800-19186 DANCOM
0800-19187 DANCOM
0800-19188 DANCOM
0800-19189 DANCOM
0800-55101 FM 101 PBC
0800-22277 ABC Prepaid (Pvt) Ltd
0800-76453 ARY Communication (Pvt) Ltd
0800-22279 ARY Communication (Pvt) Ltd
0800-22224 ZTE
0800-77888 WLL PTCL
0800-66655 ABC Prepaid
0800-44555 WLL PTCL
0800-11220 Tele Sky Marketing
0800-12123 Telecard
0800-32100 Warid Telecom
0800-12540 WARID TELECOM
0800-12541 WARID TELECOM
0800-12542 WARID TELECOM
0800-12543 WARID TELECOM
0800-12544 WARID TELECOM
0800-12545 WARID TELECOM
0800-12546 WARID TELECOM
0800-12547 WARID TELECOM
0800-12548 WARID TELECOM
0800-12549 WARID TELECOM
0800-19197 WARID LDI
0800-13821 WARID TELECOM pre paid customer support
0800-13822 WARID TELECOM pre paid customer support
0800-13823 WARID TELECOM prepaid customer support
0800-19110 WorldCall LDI
0800-19111 WorldCall LDI
0800-19112 WorldCall LDI
0800-19113 WorldCall LDI
0800-19114 WorldCall LDI
0800-19115 WorldCall LDI
0800-19116 WorldCall LDI
0800-19117 WorldCall LDI
0800-19118 WorldCall LDI
0800-19119 WorldCall LDI
0800-28500 Burraq Telecom LDI


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  2. A dial-by-name directory improves the quality of your customer service and creates a much more professional appearance in the eyes of customers who call you. Everyone with an extension on your toll free number can be linked to their extension number by their name, which allows callers who know who they are calling for to bypass the automated attendant, skip any lengthy hold times, and directly dial the person they want. 0800


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