Free 1460 Pampers For Your Baby

Free Pampers
Procter & Gamble Pakistan offers 10 prizes of 1460 Pampers each (1460*10). This is Pamper Super Star Offer

Your Children as TV SuperStar
This video will also be used for Advertisement on TV and your child will become a TV Superstar. 
Just upload the video of your baby on this website.
You baby should be 6 months to 3.5 years.
There will be 10 winners, who will get 4 diapers per day for an whole year.
Last date to upload your video is 6th March, 2010.
The winner will be decided on vote results. Your video will get an ID number. And people will vote for these videos through SMS or online on website of Pampers.


  1. The cloth diaper is the best diaper for children because it absorb the moisture and it's SO EASY!! I love all in ones, but I hate how long they take to dry!


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